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Everything You Need to Know to Stop Account Origination Fraud

Learn Where the Threats Come from and What You Can Do to Halt Cyber Criminals in Their Tracks


Account origination fraud is an ever increasing problem. Banks, businesses and consumers lose billions of dollars each year to cyber criminals who use stolen, or synthetic personal information to create new accounts and commit fraud. Recently, Neustar commissioned new research conducted by SourceMedia/American Banker of over 200 senior-level financial executives with involvement in their company’s fraud prevention and risk mitigation processes. The research found that account origination fraud is a top priority for financial executives, many of whom believe the threat will grow significantly over the next five years.

In the fight against fraud, financial institutions recognize the need for tools and enterprise-wide integration to succeed against these new age criminals. Watch this recorded webinar to understand where the biggest threats are coming from and how fraud detection solutions can help stop these threats by:

  • Linking online user identities and devices to authoritative offline identity information
  • Flagging risk factors based anomalies associated with identity attributes (e.g., phone, email, IP address)
  • Automatically matching trusted ID attributes (name, address, email, phone) with user-submitted information

The Neustar/American Banker webinar will discuss how financial institutions are prioritizing their fraud spending, addressing new mobile and online threats, meeting compliance requirements and strengthening their security.

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