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Ad Age Events: How to Harness Unified Identity to Maximize Your Customer Data

Google's decision to delay the removal of third-party cookies from its Chrome browser until the end of 2023 has provided a temporary reprieve for advertising professionals. But even though the pressure may be off, the importance and power of first-party data is stronger than ever. Now is not the time to let your foot off the gas. Now is the time to make the right investments for the future of your business.

Watch this Ad Age Event, "How Unified Identity Maximizes Customer Data and Business Growth" and learn why top advertising and marketing technology leaders have pinpointed unified identity as the all-encompassing solution to:

  • Connect offline and online data across all touchpoints, channels, and devices, while maintaining a single persistent view of both customers and prospects
  • Maximize scale, accuracy, and performance without a reliance on cookies or device IDs
  • Be a reliable source to power CRM hygiene, data enrichment, onboarding, audience segmentation, and omnichannel activation use cases

Ad Age Event Featured Speakers

  • Devon DeBlasio, Director of product marketing, Neustar
  • Nicole Norder, Senior product manager, Carrot Health
  • Henry Li, Head of Technology Partnerships, Treasure Data
  • John Dioso, Editor, Ad Age Studio 30
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