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How to Create a First-Party Data Strategy That Delivers Growth

Is your data causing chaos?

We are in the midst of an unprecedented wave of disruptions—from new privacy legislation and ID deprecation to pandemic-driven behavioral shifts—and that's making essential marketing functions all the more challenging. Savvy marketers, however, are getting ahead by putting their brands' first-party data to work for them.

By ensuring your marketing operations are powered by your first-party data, you too can drive performance across your organization and take these and other new challenges head on.

Check out the eSageGroup Marketing Analytics Series panel "Embrace the Disruption: Solidify Your First Party Data through an Open Technology and Data Approach," now available to watch on demand, and find out why first-party data is foundational to business success and how to get the most value out of yours.

Key Highlights

Hear from experts about how to...

  • Use first-party data as a foundation across your technology solutions, platforms, clouds, and data service providers
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your data to deliver greater business value
  • Implement a sustainable first-party data strategy, incorporating the best of emerging technology and data solutions within an open, flexible model

Featured Speakers

  • Ryan Engle – head of product, customer intelligence at Neustar (speaker)
  • Devon DeBlasio — director of product marketing at Neustar (speaker)
  • Zach Van Doren — senior director of partnerships at ActionIQ (speaker)
  • Jason Cannelos — principal architect at eSage Group (moderator)
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