How to Build a Better Customer Graph

Learn How to Get a Complete View of Your Customers Across Every Touchpoint During the Customer Journey


Marketers must be able to harness the abundance of data available to them to build a customer graph that creates a complete 3-D picture of their consumers. The customer graph joins your first-, second- and third-party data to build a complete and stable view of your customer across every single online and offline touchpoint. With this view, marketers will understand how specifically they are interacting with their customers (and which types of customers) anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Listen in as Neustar CMO Steven Wolfe Pereira and Joshua Lowcock, Head of Digital U.S. at UM discuss insights and best practices about how some of the biggest brands use the customer graph to transform their marketing and improve the brand experience. You'll find out:

  • How a customer graph can impact marketing accuracy
  • What building blocks you need to create your own customer graph
  • Where you can find free tools to build your customer graph
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