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How Identity Products Can Help You Optimize ROI and Business Outcomes

Most organizations recognize the importance of being customer first. Still, many are held back by channel silos, single IDs, and gaps in their data. That's changing thanks to the rise of innovative identity products. To help brands, publishers, and platforms learn more about identity products and get to know the best identity product solutions out there, the MMA has brought together the top marketing experts to weigh in. Check out our own Neustar Fabrick: Identity Product Overview session, featuring an in-depth discussion and lively debate about Neustar Fabrick with Neustar's SVP and GM Michael Schoen, now available to watch on demand.

Key Highlights

Find out how Neustar Fabrick, Neustar's identity-based data connectivity platform and Neustar's Unified Identity product offering, enables brands, publishers, and platforms to:

  • Power data management, media activation, and marketing analytics—without relying on third-party cookies or mobile ad IDs
  • Drive better marketing outcomes and gain a competitive advantage in a fast-approaching post device-ID future
  • Deliver better, addressable experiences across channels, get the whole picture of marketing’s contribution to sales, and optimize ROI for better business outcomes
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