Beyond the Checkmark: How Branded Calls Transform the Call Experience

2021 SIP Forum STIR/SHAKEN Summit

While STIR/SHAKEN is a major step toward curtailing call spoofing and robocalling, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Providing a personalized, branded experience with logos, call reasons, and more – backed by an assurance that the call has been authenticated – gives customers, prospects, and partners a reason to answer the phone, improves the customer experience, and enhances engagement.

Watch this on-demand session from the July 2021 SIP Forum STIR/SHAKEN Virtual Summit to learn how leading enterprises are using branded and authenticated calls from Neustar and our partners to transform the phone channel to reach hundreds of millions of devices.

  • See a live demonstration of the branded call experience
  • Learn what is required to implement branded calls
  • Understand use cases being deployed by leading enterprises
  • Hear about the benefits and improvements that early adopters are seeing

Moderator: Jonjie Sena, VP of Product Marketing at Neustar

Panelists: Seth Levine, Senior Epidemiologist at Virginia Department of Health; Shaan Katyal, VP at First Orion; Bin Zhu, Lean Six Sigma/Program Leader at Medtronic; and Marybeth C. Degeorgis, VP Product Management at Neustar.

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