Account Takeover Via the Call Center

Learn about the New Focus for Fraudsters

Account takeover fraud costs financial institutions and consumers billions in financial losses and damaged customer trust. These fraud events often occur in digital channels, but fraudsters initiate their efforts by socially engineering call center agents to grant illicit account access.

Increasingly sophisticated fraud tactics compel contact centers to invest in caller risk assessment solutions, which often require caller engagement. This insecure, slow, and suspicious approach slows customers more than fraudsters, failing to reduce risk of financial loss and customer attrition.

Completing a trust assessment before callers hear "hello" enables contact centers to mitigate risks with greater speed and security than strategies that require caller engagement. This pre-answer risk assessment improves contact center security posture and ability to treat each caller according to their trustworthiness.

Watch the on-demand CCW-hosted webinar, The New Focus for Fraudsters: Account Takeover Via the Call Center, to learn how insights into callers’ devices enable a pre-answer trust assessment, preventing financial losses, brand damage, and loss of consumer trust.

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