On-Demand Webinar

When Each Call Counts

Customer experience is key for financial services. However, communicating with customers is becoming more and more difficult. Organizations are asked to comply with the latest regulations, meet heightened customer expectations, and deliver efficient and trusted experiences while trying to discern how to reach their customers.

Phone calls are important in communicating with customers and are often used first to address urgent or highly sensitive customer concerns especially with financial matters. However, customers are now skeptical of calls from unknown numbers due to the substantial increase in robocalls or other fraud, scam, and caller-id spoofed calls.

In this session, we will discuss how the power of contact intelligence enables trusted connections, maximizes efficiencies using the best phone/email and time-of-day analytics to contact individual consumers, and mitigates regulatory risk.

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss:

  • The latest regulations and trends we are seeing in the market and how mandates such as STIR/SHAKEN and CFPB Regulation F are impacting enterprise calls
  • How companies are delivering customer trust in phone communications with caller identification and branding
  • The operational best practices financial service organizations are adopting to improve contact rates while implementing efficiencies
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