The Fatal Flaw with DMPs

If You Don’t Have Identity Right, Your People-based Marketing Will be Wrong


Watch this on-demand webcast of Neustar’s Julie Fleischer chat with Allstate’s John Baronello and Forrester’s Susan Bidel. Learn how Allstate used an IDMP to extract valuable knowledge, drive greater match rates, and optimize campaign performance across multiple media partners, 3+ DMPs, a myriad of campaigns, and serious online to offline data complications.

Data is just that: Data. Only a platform built on true, holistic identity can connect across people, places and things, both offline and online to form a single view of the customer. Without identity you are simply targeting a collection of cookies and devices, not real people.

Find out how an Identity Data Management Platform can help you:

  • Increase operational efficiency with a single source of truth
  • Improve campaign performance with smarter segmentation and activation
  • Provide better control over media and audience strategy
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