Turning TCPA Lemons into Enterprise Lemonade: Exelon and Neustar Discuss TCPA and Enterprise Phone Management for Utilities


Utility organizations strive to improve customer satisfaction by communicating timely information through text alerts and automated messaging. These effective methods of communication however are at risk of violating TCPA regulations. On average, twenty percent (20%) of outbound calls and texts initiated by utilities are sent to a number that no longer belongs to the customer. TCPA violations for such instances can range from $500-$1500 per call/text, and are a significant financial and reputational risk for a utility.

Conversely, the intended recipients of a call or text don't ever receive them, as utilities have outdated contact information. These individuals tend to give lower Customer Satisfaction scores, and increase costs by dialing into the call center inquiring about outages and issues.

View this informative webinar to learn how TCPA regulations apply to utilities and understand best practices for optimizing customer phone information including:

  • Utility industry benchmarks on customer data accuracy
  • Operational implications of data inaccuracies across the enterprise
  • An overview of the TCPA FCC rulings
  • An overview of tackling TCPA at Exelon


  • Mitchell Young, Executive Director of Identity Risk Solutions, Neustar, Inc.
  • Kindle Cook, Sr. Project Manager, Exelon Corp.
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