On-Demand Webinar

Effective marketing measurement relies on the right data coming from the right sources.

Brands know that data-driven marketing leads to better outcomes for their businesses. Ironically, a recent MMA study found that 89% of marketers cite data as a key challenge to adopting leading marketing measurement practices. Brands need to bring together data – the right data – from many different sources, both internal and external, in order to achieve their goals.

See the webinar Overcoming Data Complexity to Enable Growth to learn how you can overcome data complexity to maximize the impact of your marketing investments.

One of the standout agenda items at the ANA’s 2022 Masters of Data and Technology Conference, our webinar will give you:

  • A six step road map for fostering analytics adoption in an organization
  • The necessary components of an analytics team and how they work together
  • How to determine which success metrics are necessary for your team
  • And more

Watch Overcoming Data Complexity to Enable Growth and get your analytics process in gear for our fast-evolving marketing environment.

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