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Webinar: Making the Digital Marketing Grade in an Omnichannel World


To be successful with omnichannel consumers, you need to find a way to stay connected to them and speak consistently to them as they journey across channels. You may be spending a lot on digital—digital spend is up 15 percent—but determining the impact of your advertising and accurately measuring results remains a challenge.

This recorded webinar featuring the e-tailing group and Neustar gives a revealing look at consumer attitudes and covers how to succeed in the omnichannel world. Gain insights into:

  • Knowing your customer and the omnichannel customer journey
  • Linking digital behavior to offline activity
  • Executing with accuracy and speed
  • Register today and learn how to reach the right consumers with accuracy, speed and relevance.


  • Lauren Freedman, President, the e-tailing group
  • Jamie Ray, Executive Director of Retail, Neustar
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