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DDoS Resilience, Remediation and Recovery: Updating Your Strategy

Are you ready for a DDoS attack on your network?

Most organizations keep back-ups and have basic plans to protect themselves from denial of service attacks.

However, most of those DDoS response strategies were long before businesses relied upon cloud services for fundamental operations, before our environments were full of IoT devices requiring network access, and long before the threat of IoT botnets. We are more reliant than ever on network access, and attackers have more powerful tools than ever to cut that access off.

So, are you ready for a DDoS attack on your network – or on your service provider's network – or is it time to update your resilience, remediation and recovery plan? In this webinar, learn strategies that will make your business resilient against the DDoS threats of today.

Watch this webinar and you'll:

  • Explore the methods and magnitude of the DDoS threat today
  • Understand the role of strong, reputable DNS plays in your DDoS remediation strategy
  • Learn how to keep your business afloat during a DDoS attack and recover faster
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