On-Demand Webinar

Publishers Are Finding It Tougher to Fulfill Custom Experiences for Ever More Demanding Consumers

How they are mastering these challenges – and improving their yield.

Consumers today insist on more pertinent and personalized engagements with publishers’ content and advertising as well. However, providing custom experiences is becoming harder for publishers to pull off from their owned and operated properties. Data deprecation, an expanding privacy landscape, dynamic consumer habits, and competition from walled gardens make it tougher for publishers to attract users - and advertisers too.

With a solid first-party data organization and trusted third-party data partners, publishers can manage these forces and increase margin and revenue with improved media performance. By building on top of a strong base of identity, publishers can connect consumers to existing records in their databases to serve more relevant interactions on their digital properties.

Publishers can build a 360-degree view of their consumers and deliver tailored content, custom experiences, and addressable advertising to increase the value of their inventory. With a deeper understanding of their own audience composition, publishers can improve their yield and fulfill more advertiser requests while monetizing better inventory targeting known and unknown visitors.

Watch our webinar to learn how to:

  • Personalize advertising and experiences to increase consumer engagement and retention with your content
  • Leverage a deeper understanding of your traffic for internal analysis and audience creation strategies
  • Drive more advertiser demand for addressable impressions across all your owned and operated properties
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