On-Demand Webinar

Creating Order(s) from Chaos

Automating the way network services are bought and sold between Communication Service Providers

High-Speed Connectivity Is Crucial for 5G, Cloud and SD-WAN Services

To compete in today’s digital-first economy, CSP’s must transform and automate network services, yet ordering wholesale broadband and other access and transport services remain slow and outdated.

True SASE and network-as-a-service architecture require end-to-end automation and orchestration. CSPs offering on-demand services will need to deliver fiber, broadband and off-net access services in as close to a zero-touch manner as possible.

Watch the on-demand Light Reading webinar, featuring experts from Neustar and Dakota Carrier Network to learn:

  • How APIs are shaping the way for digital transformation
  • The benefits of automating inter-provider services
  • How to turn quotes into orders more quickly and efficiently
  • Strategies to support a growing ecosystem of trading partners
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