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Webinar: Overcoming the Marketer’s Consumer Identity Crisis

New Strategies for Omnichannel Marketing Success


A great brand experience connects companies with people across all touch points. But, how can you engage with real people if you don’t actually know who they are?

In an omnichannel world, delivering relevant marketing requires knowing exactly who your customer is as he or she crosses channels and devices. However, consistently and accurately identifying customers and prospects is challenging when consumer contact data is constantly changing, and is increasingly private, not public information. In addition, a consumer’s digital footprints are often anonymous and can be hard—if not impossible—to match to specific customer data. To achieve true omnichannel marketing personalization and precision, marketers first need a consumer identity strategy.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why an identity strategy is a critical to achieving omnichannel success, at scale.
  • How to overcome the common data and technology challenges marketers face in achieving a single view of the customer across channels.
  • How an authoritative identity methodology can improve marketing initiatives like look-a-like audience planning, media targeting and cross-channel attribution.


  • Susan Etlinger, Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group
  • Yosha Ulrich-Sturmat, VP Product Marketing, Neustar
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