Changing Workforces and Higher Placement Volumes

Prepare Your Data for Sustained Periods of Economic Uncertainty

The collections world has endured sudden and drastic changes over the past few months, and uncertainty remains in employment, the economy, and the overall status of debt. With some level of stability returning to the operational environment, clients and vendors will need to maximize their ability to connect with consumers in ways that reduce the stress on newly developed systems and processes.

Neustar’s dialing optimization experts explain proven strategies that will help your organization prepare for the coming wave of accounts that are entering collections. In this discussion they cover:

  • Omnichannel phone, email, and device data for coordinated contact attempts across channels
  • Predictive behavior intelligence on a consumer’s most-used phone number
  • Carrier-driven insights on the times and days when individual consumers are most likely to answer
  • Methods for preventing call blocking and spam mislabeling
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