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Build a Sustainable, Privacy-Friendly Marketing Measurement Practice | On-Demand

How do you convey meaningful results?

It’s more important than ever for brand marketers to create a measurement and optimization strategy that can weather profound business and industry change—consumer privacy concerns, new regulations and global economic uncertainty. Tough questions need answering: How will short-term media optimization and marketing personalization work without cookies? Can I measure marketing across platforms like Facebook alongside the rest of my multichannel media? What advantages can I expect from identity-centric marketing measurement?

Watch as guest speakers Jim Nail, Forrester principal analyst, Facebook product marketing manager Katie Glass and Neustar VP, marketing solutions Marc Vermut for insights on the criteria you should be using, the models that are available and the outcomes you should expect when building a sustainable, privacy-friendly measurement strategy. You’ll find out:

  • How to build sustainable measurement models that account for new data restrictions, regulations and trends
  • How to measure and optimize against short- and long-term impact to your marketing investment
  • How to use multichannel attribution insights to help guide personalization tactics

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