On-Demand Webinar

Breaking Down Barriers to Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is essential; it enables Health Care Organizations to provide better care, mitigate diseases, increase prescription refills, and encourage medication adherence. However, outbound calls from healthcare organizations are often made at times when the patient is not available, the call is mis-labeled as spam, or the call is erroneously blocked, threatening patient care and engagement.

In the on-demand Drug Store News webinar, Breaking Down Barriers to Patient Engagement, you will learn:

  • The importance of accurate outbound call branding so calls are not blocked or mis-labeled as spam
  • How to ensure contact records are complete and accurate
  • How to know whom to contact, which number to use, and the best day and time to reach individuals
  • Actionable insights on email verification, deliverability, engagement, and email type for safe and effective outbound communications
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