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Best Practices to Protect your Digital Business from DDoS Attacks


View our webcast to learn about the latest DDoS threats that threaten operations and reputations

As attacks targeting web applications are becoming more frequent, it’s more important than ever for organizations to understand how to protect against attackers targeting all levels of the infrastructure. Attackers are using technologies, tools, and reconnaissance to scout where you are most susceptible to assault.

In this webcast, guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst for Security & Risk, Joseph Blankenship and Neustar Director of Security Solutions, Joe Loveless, discuss the latest DDoS threats that threaten operations and reputations.

The webcast describes:

  • How attackers are using DDoS to support destructive attacks
  • How to reduce your risk exposure against determined attackers
  • Important steps that you can take to create a less tempting target
  • How to improve your defenses
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