On-Demand Webinar

Best Practices for Automating Wholesale Network Ordering for 5G, Cloud and SD-WAN Services

To compete in today’s digital-first economy and deliver on the promise of 5G, Cloud, and SD-WAN, CSPs must first transform how underlying network connectivity is delivered - yet the process of buying wholesale broadband and other access and transport services remains slow and outdated.

This must-watch on-demand webinar is for those involved in the ordering and delivering broadband and transport services between Service Providers. Hear from Industry experts on how CSPs are gaining a competitive advantage and improving agility and accuracy through automation.

Other topics to be addressed include:

  • How APIs are shaping the way for digital transformation
  • The financial and customer benefits of automating inter-provider services
  • How to leverage transformation to drive innovation and growth
  • Buy versus Build analysis
  • The role of cloud providers in the future of connectivity
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