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Bank of America’s Path to 100% Automated Authentication

Using Authentication to Create a Killer Customer Experience

Traditional methods of call center authentication that rely on interrogating customers (knowledge-based authentication) frustrate callers and agents, add to average call times and increase call center costs.

In this webinar, learn how Bank of America is using new technology and processes to automate customer authentication. Key insights from the 2018 State of Call Center Authentication Survey sponsored by TRUSTID and Customer Contact Week will also be reviewed.

You'll learn:

  • The role of phone channel authentication and implications for customer experience and operating costs.
  • How organizations should set goals for authentication and what the expected business benefits are for self-service, call times, hold times, fraud fighting efficiency, etc.
  • The technology and practices needed to fully automate authentication.
  • How to optimize the customer experience in both IVR and agent flows for trusted callers.
  • The synergies between strong authentication and fraud fighting efforts.
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