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Ask the Experts: The Current State and Future of Agent Experience

Improving the agent experience drives contact center efficiency and customer retention

Leading contact centers profess that engaged agents make all the difference. Agent experience (AX) – how agents feel about their employer, processes, and technologies – affects both the customer experience and an organization’s business outcomes. The global economic impacts of COVID-19 make AX more important than ever. If you’re wondering what’s next, you’re not alone.

This panel discussion, featuring some of the industry's leading experience experts, helps leaders serve their agents well and adapt to an ever-changing environment.

  • Do the fundamental principles of AX still apply?
  • How has the value of AX changed? How do you communicate that value?
  • Are there unique challenges to keeping employees engaged right now?
  • How do you manage AX with an increasingly distributed workforce?
  • What are some of the specific causes of frustration and disengagement? How can you address those causes before you feel the effects?
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