On-Demand Webinar

Minimizing Fraud Losses

The three-pronged digital approach of device proofing

As customers increasingly facilitate applications and interactions via digital channels, a robust fraud prevention strategy is even more paramount.

Learn how forward-thinking organizations are leveraging a mixture of historical device data, device-to-identity linkages, and user behavior patterns to identify legitimate consumers and provide them the straightforward digital experience they crave, while also confidently minimizing risk.

In this BAI hosted webinar, you’ll learn about the three prongs that drive this powerful digital fraud prevention strategy:

  • The power of device recognition technology, used to track the relationships between devices, accounts, device history, device, and user behavior insights
  • The impact of device-to-identity insights, which capture brand-new users without a past device fingerprinting history
  • Behavioral analytics, a useful tool to separate normal consumer behavior from typical fraud ring behavior, providing insight earlier in the customer journey without adding customer friction

A robust fraud detection strategy has the power to reduce false positives and manual reviews, prevent fraud losses, secure customer accounts, protect loyalty programs, and lower customer abandonment — all while providing friction-right customer experiences that increase revenue opportunities. Watch the webinar to learn more.

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