Meet the Experts: Lynne Brehmer on Protecting Outbound Calls from SPAM Mis-tagging

With Caller Name Optimization

Research shows that customers prefer the phone channel, especially when it comes to sensitive, high value, and/or complex issues. But because of robocalls, scams and fraud, customers hesitate to answer the phone. That has had a major impact on enterprises, who can’t get calls answered. In fact, our survey respondents said that 24 percent of enterprise calls were being mistakenly tagged as SPAM, or blocked, and 97 percent said they were losing revenue as a result.

As part of our Ask the Expert Series, we interviewed Senior Director, Product Management, Lynne Brehmer, about how, through one centralized portal, Caller Name Optimization (CNO) helps enterprises reduce call spam mis-tagging. Our solution helps:

  • Vet the telephone numbers to validate that the business has the right to use them
  • Provide names to be displayed on outbound calls for those numbers
  • Register those telephone numbers with our partners to ensure they prevent spam and call blocking
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