Optimize Right-Party Contacts with Phone Behavior Intelligence (PBI)

Meet the Expert: Wendy Weinhardt

Many enterprises have three to 10 numbers for any given customer – sometimes over twenty. That makes it tough to know which phone number to use for outreach. However, phone behavior intelligence helps identify which phone numbers are active, which ones are verified. That allows enterprises to reach out in a much more efficient manner.

We interviewed Wendy Weinhardt, a Solutions Consultant, about how Phone Behavior Intelligence (PBI) helps cut the waste out of the process of contacting customers, while meeting regulations and enhancing engagement.

Watch the video to learn:

  • How contacting the right customer at the right number and time is ultimately what's going to drive success
  • How PBI allows you to identify the phone numbers that are active and verified, so you can focus on those, and drive towards efficiency
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