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Managing Digital Broadcast Rights with IP Geolocation


See how UK broadcaster BSkyB uses Neustar’s IP geolocation data to restrict streaming content by geographic territory. By meeting contractual obligations with content providers, BSkyB strengthens its partnerships and grows its Internet presence.



The Sky is one of the largest UK broadcasters. The department I work for is looking at our internet TV capability. That’s streaming TV to your mobile applications, your consoles, your computers and it’s very much the future of what we see our core product to be.

We use the Neustar IP Intelligence product and we’ve been using it for approximately 5 years. We have a lot of contractual obligations to our content providers to restrict access to our content to only certain territories. For instance, if you’re a Sky customer who’s in France and you’re attempting to access our content online, we need to block that. And that’s very much integral to our rights and our agreements that we have with studios.

I think the thing that stands out most about Neustar is that it is recognized throughout the industry as being the leading provider of this data. That’s very important to us; to be able to have that confidence that I don’t think anybody else, any of the other providers, will give us. And that confidence comes from the quality of the data they use and the frequency of updates we receive. We’re not running off stale data, we get the quality that we expect and we need. And it gives the confidence to our business stake holders that they know we’re doing the right thing. With that level of confidence and its general regard throughout the industry, our use of it solves a very significant problem in “how do we confidently know who is accessing us and where they’re accessing us from”. That level of confidence is fundamental to our ability to service our customers.

I definitely recommend Neustar products to associates and colleagues. It’s the leading product out there for the whole industry. It comes with that level of confidence that we can go to the studios and say we are using this and they will say that’s good enough, we’re happy that that’s the data you’re using to run this off. I found working with Neustar really easy. They respond quickly to queries. Their product is very well documented so from an engineering point of view, if you need to figure out how it works you go online and have a look. When we’ve asked for refinements to the data or improvements to the data, they’ve taken it onboard and have gone out to find the data that they need to give us the answers we need.

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