Lead Gen and Collections Success with Phone Behavior Intelligence (PBI)

Meet the Expert: Tom Nowaczyk

Like every industry, outbound dialing is a critical tool for both lead gen and collections agencies, including first-party and third-party collections. What’s different is that there's a lot of regulations around collections, like CFPB, which states dials can only be made once every day for seven days.

As part of our Meet the Experts, we interviewed Tom Nowaczyk, Vice President Contact Center Solutions, about how Phone Behavior Intelligence (PBI) helps increase right-party-contact rates through authoritative contact identity and behavioral insights by ensuring records are accurate and providing the best phone number and time to reach customers.

Tom discusses how Neustar, a TransUnion company, not only has a lot of data and unique relationships to leverage for these insights, we can also curate the identity – and can determine when phones are disconnected, and/or no longer belong to individuals.

Watch the video to learn how identity data can help you turn identity data into actionable insights for your business.

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