Improve Answer Rates with Phone Behavior Intelligence

Meet the Expert: Tom Nowaczyk

Contact centers face three primary challenges in today’s market: declining answer rates, staffing, and regulations that limit the number of calls that can be made to customers. As a result, they’re looking to develop innovating and holistic strategies, and deploy new technologies, to contact customers.

As part of our Meet the Expert series, we interviewed Vice President, Product Management Contact Centers, Tom Nowaczyk, who talks about best practices in the use of identity data to reach the right customers at the right time, while maintaining compliance.

Watch the video to learn:

  • The best way to contact the right person at the right time in a regulatory compliant manner with Neustar Phone Behavior Intelligence (PBI)
  • How to increase answer rates by 20 percent or more
  • When to execute outreach, and how to build campaigns around that
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