How to Be TRACED Act Compliant and Protect Your Subscribers from Illegal Robocalls

Are your subscribers inundated with robocalls?

Whether at home or at work, your customers are bombarded by annoying interruptions: robocalls.

Studies show that there are over 2,000 robocalls made per second, and 70% of these calls are fraudulent, resulting in $10B in financial losses. The situation has become so dire that when customers don’t recognize who is calling them, 76% do not pick up the phone.

It’s such a large problem that at the end of 2019 Congress stepped in and passed the TRACED Act. It requires carriers to implement a call authentication or robocall mitigation program by June 2021.

Neustar Robocall Mitigation protects your customers and enables you to follow the TRACED Act; it combines behavioral analytics, caller authentication and verification to help accurately identify robocalls, caller ID spoofers and call scammers. The cloud-based service enables carriers to detect suspected fraudulent calls, sends alerts to the subscriber’s device, and identifies abnormal call patterns through a web-based analytics platform.

Take control of the problem – protect your customers and quickly support the latest government regulations with Neustar Robocall Mitigation.

Learn more in this brief video.

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