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GSMA PathFinder: Ensure Messages are Routed Accurately and Efficiently

Are your customer’s messages getting through?

Messaging is a critical channel that businesses and consumers around the world rely upon to deliver vital information including money transfers, flight cancellations and school closings.

To enable the messaging channel, Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) providers, Social Media companies, and Mobile operators must ensure they are routing messages efficiently to the appropriate recipients. If you get it wrong, you can run up unexpected bills and face difficult conversations with key customers.

GSMA PathFinder is a number resolution service operated by Neustar. It helps service providers ensure that traffic is routed properly, improving cost efficiency and the customer experience.

PathFinder’s centralized database of 8.6B phone numbers is assembled by gathering daily data from over 100 authoritative sources across 250 countries and territories.

Learn more in this brief video.

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