Ensuring a Foundation of Trust for Home Services with Branded Call Display (BCD)

Trust can be elusive these days, especially when it comes to getting calls answered. Robocalls, call spoofing, and spam calls have made people reluctant to pick up their phone if they don't know who's calling. Factor in the back-and-forth required to deliver in-home services, and you get a lot of inefficiencies, frustration, and delays. It also creates more cost for the service provider.

Branded Call Display (BCD), part of our Trusted Call Solution (TCS) suite allows enterprises to push branded, dynamic content such as logo, name, location, social media and more, to mobile devices as well as STIR/SHAKEN certification that the call has not been spoofed – giving customers the reassurance they need to answer the phone.

As part of our Meet the Experts Series, we interviewed our Senior Director of Identity and Trust Solutions, Home Services, Utilities and Communications, Michael Hawk, about how restoring trust in the phone channel lays the foundation for a broader relationship with service providers – one that’s based on trust.

Watch the video to get answers to questions like:
  • Why is the phone channel so relevant to home services?
  • How and why do legitimate numbers get mis-tagged as spam, or blocked?
  • What solutions, like Branded Call Display (BCD) can help increase answer rates and improve the customer experience?
  • What are four steps home services and utilities companies can take to ensure calls get answered?
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