The Email Intelligence Journey: Deliverability, Verification, and Engagement

Meet the Expert: Jenna Munoz

More and more consumers want self-service options that are easy and efficient—and help them get to the end goal faster. That’s one reason email is becoming an increasingly popular communication method. But consumers are often changing components of their email identity. It’s tough to keep up with how often customers may change or add emails. At Neustar, a TransUnion company, we help bridge that gap using email intelligence.

As part of our Meet the Expert series, we interviewed Senior Product Manager, Jenna Munoz, who helps organizations comply with regulations while outlining effective contact strategies. In this video, she discusses how Email Intelligence helps solve three main problems: deliverability, verification, and engagement. And how behavioral insights help identify the best email, and increase engagement.

Watch the video to get answers to questions like:

  • How can I determine how likely is it that my email will be delivered to the end user?
  • Is it going to get caught in a SPAM trap?
  • Will it be a soft or hard bounce?
  • How can I maintain my IP reputation?
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