Connecting Government to Consumers with Branded Call Display (BCD)

Although consumers prefer the phone to other communications channels, robocalls, call spoofing, and spam calls have made them reluctant to pick up their phone if they don't know who's calling. The result for government agencies is that they’re not as efficient as they could be in delivering the vital information and services people need and want.

It’s critical that government agencies leverage solutions that enable them to show it’s them calling on the phone display, and that the call has been authenticated with STIR/SHAKEN, for their outbound calls with solutions like Branded Call Display (BCD), part of our Trusted Call Solutions (TCS) suite. When consumers know who’s calling they’re much more likely to answer the phone.

As part of our Meet the Experts Series, we interviewed our Senior Principal, Strategic Accounts, Government, Suzanne Charleston, about how solutions like Branded Call Display (BCD) help government agencies bring communications to the right people at the right time, with trust.

Watch the video to get answers to questions like:
  • How has the erosion of trust in phone calls affected the government and health space?
  • How are bad actors affecting citizen services?
  • How do solutions like Branded Call Display (BCD) help the government connect with at-risk consumers?
  • How can government agencies improve efficiencies and increase revenues with such solutions?
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