Quickly Reach Affected Individuals to Reduce Further Exposure

Why Contact Tracing Fails, and What to Do About It

On average, contact tracers reach fewer than 20% of their contact list. 36% of contacts provided will not have an accurate number. About 25% of answered calls will go to the wrong person. Tracers’ calls have been blocked by carriers, mislabeled as spam, or ignored for appearing as blank on contacts’ caller ID.

When time is of the essence, contact tracing organizations must successfully reach as many contacts as early as possible. Neustar enables these trusted connections.

Neustar’s unique data assets, already used by the top ten banks and hundreds of top brands, ensure tracers have the most complete and accurate information about each contact prior to calling, including the best number to use and the best time to call. Neustar corrects and completes missing or incorrect contact data. With direct relationships to over 850 voice service providers and caller ID apps, Neustar ensures outbound calls are not errantly blocked, mislabeled as spam, or displayed inaccurately on caller displays. This reduces wasted calls by an average of 16 percent and improves right-party-contact rates by an average of 33 percent.

With Neustar’s easy-to-integrate API technology, more infected contacts may be reached and supported to self-isolate or seek care earlier.

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