Meet the Experts: Henry Hayter Talks about the Benefits of Enterprise Call Signing

And How Trusted Call Solutions Help

Legitimate calls from enterprises can sometimes be mistakenly labeled as SPAM or even blocked for numerous reasons. Those include if their primary carrier uses another carrier to transmit the call to the destination; if the enterprise uses multiple carriers; or if they use a business process outsourcing. In the end, it’s the enterprise that bears the risk, whether it's a risk of fraud or account takeover, or poor business results due to declining answer rates.

But now those enterprises can greatly reduce call blocking by taking matters into their own hands with enterprise signing.

As part of our Ask the Expert Series, we interviewed Product Manager, Call Authentication Solutions, Henry Hayter, to learn three steps to take to get started benefiting from enterprise signing:

  • Take a telephone number inventory
  • Understand where calls are coming from, and the scope of your call strategy
  • Find out more about your telephony environment, and the level of IP technology
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