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Neustar AdAdvisor® Overview




You have great creative and spend lots of money spreading the message…

So, who actually sees it?

Half the audience wouldn’t buy your product,

A chunk of them couldn’t…

..Or you’re wasting impressions on existing customers

Even if some of the people you target DO see your ad, that’s an expensive way to reach them

So what if there was a better way to target?

Introducing Neustar AdAdvisor

It makes sure that Dave, a married dad of 2 that loves to travel

And Jayne, a single professional living in NYC that loves luxury products

And their friend Paul, a die-hard hockey fan and a father of 3

Can finally see ads with exactly the message brands need them to hear

When and where they’re consuming media

And at a fraction of the cost you’re used to

Seriously, no one has the time or money to buy ads on every site a customer might visit

That’s where we come in – we help you target audiences across multiple mediums made up of almost every household in the US


Unlike Behavioral Targeting, we leverage verified offline data to reach consumers predisposed to particular brands, products or services 

So you can target the consumers that only YOU want to reach, WHERE you want to reach them, and WHEN

The ones YOU can influence

We can even help existing retargeting efforts

Have a list of a 25,000 recent customers?

We can turn it into MILLIONS of consumers more likely to buy.

Have a list of millions of existing customers you’d like to reach online?

With our partnerships across the advertising landscape, we can make that happen too! 

So you’re beginning to see that targeting with laser focus is pretty awesome

But have you ever wondered if your message actually drives purchase?

We’re an analytics and data insights company at our core

And we can tell if exposure to a message actually influenced purchase. 

That’s Neustar AdAdvisor – Yeah – for geeks, we’re pretty cool

Target wiser – use AdAdvisor

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