Improve Your Marketing Performance with Better Customer Segmentation

Learn more about your core customers, drive deeper connections, and grow your business at scale.

Neustar Customer Targeting Analysis enables marketers to deliver better omnichannel experiences using advanced customer segmentation and granular consumer insights. Simply and securely onboard your first-party customer data with Neustar for a complete analysis of the demographics, psychographic, and geographic attributes as well as buying preferences and propensities of your core customers. Identify and use what you know is working to grow your business!

Gain an Increased Understanding of Who Your Customers Are

Identify the characteristics and preferences of your customers and group them into actionable, data-driven customer segments, built upon first-party data.

Tailor Your Messaging and Offers for Specific Audiences

Obtain a granular understanding of the media consumption, buying behaviors, channel preferences, and offers that resonate most with your key customer segments.

Uncover Where Your Customers Are Located

Leverage geo-spatial insights for market-based customer segmentation, online targeting, media planning, offline local marketing, focused promotions, and store site selection.

Go Deep On Customer Motivators, Mindsets, and Markets

Use Neustar Customer Targeting Analysis to shine a light on your audiences’ buying attitudes and opinions, media consumption behaviors, and market concentrations.

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