4 Steps CSPs Can Take to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Don’t let off-net circuit providers damage your reputation

Network connectivity is mission-critical for your business customers, and you do everything possible to deliver excellent, on-time service. Still, when off-net circuits create problems and delays, this can damage your reputation and result in lost business.

Neustar TroubleAdmin (TAM), available to our customers via the Universal Order Connect (UOC) platform, simplifies and automates trouble reporting between carriers. Fully integrated with the Neustar UOC platform, TAM is a trouble ticket module that creates a single, standardized interface with third-party circuit providers’ back-office systems, helping to:

  • Speed up and streamlines ticket resolution
  • Mitigate the complexity of managing trouble tickets across multiple access suppliers

Discover what it takes to reduce off-net circuit problem resolution times today!

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