Three Ways to Make Sure Your Calls Aren’t Mis-tagged or Blocked

How You Can Raise Your STIR/SHAKEN Attestation Level

Are you frustrated by your outbound calls being blocked or tagged as spam? You’re not alone. Ninety percent of respondents in a recent OMDIA survey said over 20% of their outbound calls were being mistakenly blocked, and 82% said over 20% were being mis-tagged as spam.

There are a several reasons why this happens. One is that they may not receive the highest STIR/SHAKEN attestation level. STIR/SHAKEN uses vital information about the originating caller to determine an “attestation” level–A, B, or C indicating how the call will be treated.

There are three ways for enterprises to improve attestation levels for their calls to reduce the chance they get marked as spam or blocked – helping improve answer rates, enhance the customer experience, and increase revenues.

  1. STIR Certificate
  2. Delegate SHAKEN Certificate
  3. Telephone Number Database (TNDB)

This new tool provides an easy-to-understand overview of the options – download to learn more!

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