Will Your NRUF Report be Ready?


Consolidation among communications service providers (CSPs) adds new complexity to preparing the semi-annual Numbering Resource Utilization/Forecast (NRUF) Report. Multiple systems, processes and procedures require more time from Number and Code Administrators to gather and compile data on inventory and usage from the previous six month period. With more room for error, CSPs risk filing inaccurate reports or missing the February 1 and August 1 deadline that can lead to problems with acquiring additional resources from the Pooling Administration.

Reduce Complexity and Increase Reporting Confidence

With NRUF Report Generation Services, the numbering experts on the Neustar Professional Services team generate and deliver a fully populated NRUF report that is ready for your team to validate and submit. Your teams saves valuable hours and remains focused on generating revenue from new customers

Reduce Disruption

Let Neustar Professional Services prepare and compile your reports. No need to draw resources from provisioning teams that are focused on ensuring customer turn-ons and turn-ups.

Increase Accuracy

Our numbering exerts completely and accurately populate the forms, avoiding mistakes that require rework.

For example, we:

  • Apply the proper overlay logic as provided by National Number Pool Administration
  • Ensure you are reporting on all ranges in your inventory – and not on numbers no longer under your management
  • Identify missing ranges or telephone numbers in a block you should report on

Start with and Maintain a Clean Dataset

Data integrity issues drive customer assignment issues and create problems in reporting. A Telephone Number Inventory Audit complements the NRUF Generation Service and can be performed on an ongoing subscription basis to increase the accuracy of reporting and utilization, improve data integrity, reduce assignment errors and help capture lost revenue.

Technical Expertise to Optimize Your Operations

Neustar Professional Services provides a team of subject matter experts to help you identify and address your operational challenges with expertise, guidance and support that lead to efficiency, greater customer satisfaction and increased margins. Whether working to improve staff productivity, accelerate order processing or improve data integrity through systems consolidation, our customer advisory staff brings decades of industry expertise working on virtually any platform. Get fast, proven results on your mission-critical operations without the burden of added headcount.

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