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What Is Unified Marketing Measurement

And How Can Brands Like The Home Depot Use It to Make Better Investment Decisions

For enterprise marketers, nothing is more crucial-and more vexing-than measuring the impact of your marketing spend. Most brands know they need to do better marketing measurement but don't understand the best path for doing so. In this presentation about Unified Marketing Measurement -- presented live at the ANA Data and Measurement conference on Sept 9, 2019 -- Neustar VP, Marketing Solutions, Marc Vermut and Kevin Wachholz, Sr. Manager, Marketing Analytics at The Home Depot take you through what you need to know about Unified Marketing Measurement and why this type of integrated, advanced analytics is essential for large enterprises like The Home Depot.

Unified Measurement integrates Marketing Mix Models and Multi-Touch Attribution models to create a more cohesive, and accurate, look at your marketing performance.

This presentation will teach you the following invaluable lessons every enterprise-level marketer needs to know:

  • What Unified Marketing Measurement is-and is not.
  • How Unified Measurement helps you know the extent to which your marketing drives incremental sales (and why that's important).
  • Why the resulting data from Unified Marketing Measurement is more credible and why that is essential to validating future investment decisions.
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