Unlock the Value of Your Merger and Transform Your Business


As communications service providers (CSPs) seek to become digital service providers, mergers and acquisitions are increasingly sought out to create greater business and customer value. However, from an operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS) perspective, merger and acquisitions can lead to multiple disparate systems working in silo.

In order to integrate and consolidate your multiple systems, deliberate and careful preparation and execution are required to establish an end-state architecture that leverages synergies, realizes cost savings and supports the company’s future growth.

The Neustar Professional Services Merger Integration Practice applies its proven methodology to ensure maximum results.

In today’s dynamic digital environment, OSS/BSS systems and their processes need to be agile, fast and secure. However, following M&A, CSPs experience instances of duplication across the newly merged business in OSS/BSS systems and in processes, such as inventory management, service assurance, billing and provisioning.

In turn, this leads to the disjointed management and merging of volumes of data across these multiple systems and databases causing:

  • Staffing redundancies
  • Contrasting process management
  • Disparate data
  • Potential for error
  • Lost revenue

Where the initial goal of M&A activity was to improve the customer experience and business value, business consolidation strategies can often adversely affect operational speed and accuracy, leading to declines in revenue and market share.

Gain Value from Your Acquisition

The Neustar Merger Integration Practice helps you attain the maximum benefit of your recent merger and successfully transform your business. Through its proven methodology, Neustar helps service providers to identify, minimize and mitigate risks to your operations.

1. Discovery

Value drivers; synergies; strengths & weaknesses; cost reduction opportunities

2. Strategy

Develop action plans; prioritize process and system integration

3. Engage

Data integration; audits of key components and critical inventories; monitor progress

4. Results

Best practices established; staff productivity; improved data integrity


Identify and Minimize M&A Risks

The Neustar Merger Integration Practice provides audit services customized to your specific requirements. Our proven pre- and post-merger services help you to ensure your OSS/BSS business-critical systems and processes provide effective network planning and optimization, efficient service delivery, high-quality customer experience and help to drive revenue.

  • Program Management Office
    Program Management services ensure consistent and accurate tracking of all workstreams, highlighting risks and mitigation strategies to ensure timelines are kept.
  • Assessment Services
    Prepare for upcoming projects through in-depth evaluations of functional areas, such as documentation and analysis of organizational structure and processes, recommendations for future state operations and industry best practice advice.
  • Preparedness Services
    Prepare for upcoming projects with audits of key components and critical inventories. This may include Telephone Number Inventory audits, Circuit Audits, Directory Listing Audits, etc.
  • Execution Services
    Management and resourcing is provided to execute the integration plan.
  • Post-Merger Assessment
    A comprehensive review of post-merger operations to assess the health of the new organization.

Technical Expertise to Optimize Your Operations

Neustar Professional Services provides a team of subject matter experts to help you identify and address your operational challenges with expertise, guidance and support that lead to efficiency, greater customer satisfaction and increased margins. Whether working to improve staff productivity, accelerate order processing or improve data integrity through systems consolidation, our customer advisory staff brings decades of industry expertise working on virtually any platform. Get fast, proven results on your mission-critical operations without the burden of added headcount.

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