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Universal Order Management

A Simpler Way to Order Carrier to Carrier Services

To meet customer expectations with faster speeds, increased capacity, and more stable connections, service providers have been transforming their networks. Moving from a hardware-oriented environment to more of a software-centric approach, enables the automation, scalability and speed required to meet these demands, and opens the door for more efficient business processes.

The industry is embracing new technologies that provide automation and flexibility for more efficient operations. However, managing carrier-to-carrier connectivity across multiple services, such as access/ethernet, broadband, local and trouble administration, is still dealt with on a one-to-one basis across multiple applications and interfaces. This lack of orchestration results in order errors and service delays, undermining the industry’s drive to provide services in a faster, more cost-effective manner.

Neustar Universal Order Management streamlines the entire carrier-to-carrier ordering process. Gone are the days of swivel chair order management. Neustar Universal Order Management is an API-based ordering portal that connects to all your carrier-to-carrier services, providing a single, unified interface that streamlines your business.

Orchestrate Services Across an Ecosystem of Automated Networks

The digital economy has created an environment where service providers need agile, on-demand connectivity orchestrated across different domains. Neustar Universal Order Management (UOM) was built on the premise of providing a common language for everyone to interconnect and orchestrate services across multiple carrier networks.

Key Features

  • Universal, API-enabled user interface provides users with a single login to a portal that normalizes data and presents a consistent look and feel across all your carrier-to-carrier ordering solutions
  • Easy drag and drop functionality and auto-fill fields save time and reduce potential for error
  • Product catalog design allows users to determine the fields they need and build each product specific to each order type, as well as interface with existing catalogs
  • Data enrichment capabilities enable users to enhance their orders by activating modules that auto-generate or pre-populate specific data fields
  • Worklist tracks all requests in a single, unified view – giving users an easy way to stay on top of next steps and deadlines
  • Normalized Event Status provides different status updates for the lifecycle of a service request. UOM automatically normalizes status updates for a consistent experience, regardless of the service that is being requested
  • Reporting function enables greater insights into order data to identify trends and for better business decision-making

The Neustar UOM portal provides a service lifecycle view of carrier-to-carrier and carrier-to-enterprise transactions, meaning service providers gain step-by-step insights — from the very first order to additional orders placed across multiple locations. A lifecycle view helps providers understand customer trends as well as pinpoint how network changes or product enhancements may impact a carrier’s customer base.

Not only does this solution make life easier for day-to-day operations by providing a single access point, consistent look and feel, and easy to manage worklist, but it also simplifies onboarding and training of new users with its intuitive, easy to follow user interface.

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