Comprehensive Threat Insights, When and How You Need Them

UltraThreat Feeds API adds a new dimension to your security posture.

UltraThreat Feeds API allows your team to directly query the vast DNS data resources that power UltraThreat Feeds, enabling them to uncover the crucial insights they need to blunt threats, protect assets, prevent fraud, and safeguard your brand.

Do you need both UltraThreat Feeds and UltraThreat Feeds API?

UltraThreat Feeds API does not replace UltraThreat Feeds. They are complimentary services that share a core of DNS-derived data but fulfill different needs.

  • UltraThreat Feeds distill data from DNS exhaust along with other proprietary sources to deliver focused feeds in near real-time that address specific security concerns, such as DNS tunnels or malicious DGAs.
  • UltraThreat Feeds API delivers access to the DNS data resources that power these feeds via API calls, allowing security teams to investigate domains and IPs based on their schedule, needs and any specific threats.

These uniquely powerful resources are valuable to every security-conscious organization.

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  • Deep. UltraThreat Feeds API provides access to an enormous data lake stored by Neustar with a rolling nearly 2-year history of DNS traffic to uncover even long-latent threats
  • Global. The data represents DNS exhaust from our network of DNS service sites that span the globe
  • Versatile. Access domain and IP data that is critically useful in a wide range of investigations, security reviews and proactive probes
  • Flexible. Accessible 24/7, APIs and simple queries that allow you to investigate domains and IPs of interest for any relevant date range
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