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Now you can experience superior, industry leading IP decisioning data with a FREE Developer Account for IP GeoPoint.

Discover why so many businesses rely on IP GeoPoint to gain independent, real-time insights into each website or network visitor as they connect, based only on the IP address of their device.

Designed for use in decisioning workflows, the data includes invaluable information about the location of the user — in many cases down to the postal code — as well as insights into how they are connecting to the Internet and the organization responsible for the IP address.

  • If you’re new to decisioning flows, you’ll see how instantaneous user insights reduce risks and improve outcomes — for both registered and unregistered users
  • If you’re new to IP data, you’ll discover how these important insights add depth, granularity and value to your decisioning flows
  • If you’re using data from another provider, you can conduct direct comparisons to learn how authoritative IP data drives improved outcomes for more interactions

The standard of excellence in IP decisioning data, IP GeoPoint is powered by a robust database that is continually updated by a global data collection network and curated by highly experienced Network Geography Analysts.

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