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Neustar UltraDNS Customers Are Extremely Satisfied!

Neustar recently contracted with an independent organization to survey more than 3,000 Neustar UltraDNS customers to gauge their level of satisfaction with the performance, reliability, value, and features of UltraDNS. The results say it all!

Customer Feedback


  • “Reliable and always available.”
  • “Solid, resilient and dependable service.”
  • “Easy to manage, intuitive interfaces and stable platform.”
  • “Good reliability and dependable service.”


  • “No interruption in service which is critical to availability for customers.”
  • “Always have prompt service.”
  • “Excellent service, easy to use and very fast to propagate.”


  • “Great Customer Service and no interruptions of service. We use the UltraDNS product and just set it and forget it. It works great.”
  • “Support has been awesome. The services are very easy to use and are very fast to update.”
  • “Easy to use and fast to propagate throughout the internet. Customer service is excellent.”
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