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Neustar UltraDNS Report Center


The Neustar UltraDNS® Report Center provides the highest level of traffic visibility and network intelligence for optimizing DNS operations management. Use the Report Center to identify configuration issues, assess the impact of changes, monitor resolution performance, and isolate traffic for trends and problem determination and resolution.

The Report Center features these five informative reports:

How It Works

  • Account Summary: The Account Summary is the overall service management report, containing information regarding all UltraDNS services. It also provides a snapshot and an historical look at query volumes and projects the expected monthly query total.
    UltraDNS report center screenshot
  • Activity: The Activity report is a central management report for zone level detail. Use this report to view the effects of service changes on demand.
  • Performance: This report provides complete visibility into resolution times on zones and exact queries by requestor location.
  • Query Types: The Query Types report provides zone level detail for a series of over 30 of the most common DNS record types. This report provides useful data concerning the DNS services requested including email, web related and VOIP.
    UltraDNS report center screenshot
  • Volume Changes: The final tab on the display is the Volume Change tab. This includes executive summary reporting that will help you evaluate and trend the traffic by zone over time. Each month is detailed along with a summary of change over the last 3 and 12 month periods.

UltraDNS Report Center: Advanced Reporting

The Advanced Reporting includes the full Report Center capabilities and provides an additional level of DNS data visibility and network intelligence for organizations concerned with the website visitor experience and interaction. Use the Advanced Reporting option to identify external broken links and to delve into visitor data.

Advanced Reporting has these three useful reports:

  • Response Codes – The Response Codes report provides visibility into the 5 most important DNS error codes in comparison to error free query volume. This data enables fast assessment of which errors are impactful and where to look for a resolution.
    UltraDNS advanced reporting screenshot
  • NX Domain – The NX Domain report provides visibility into DNS configuration issues that can negatively impact your visitors’ experience. For example, you may discover outdated, broken queries that visitors are still using to try to find your site. With this information, you are able to look at queries and resolve these frustrating and negative interactions with your site.
  • Client IP – This report provides significant visibility into visitor traffic and corresponding IP and country of origin. The Client IP information is useful for traffic management deployments, it can pair with web traffic analytical data to provide a more comprehensive picture.
    UltraDNS report center screenshot

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What can I do with data in the Report Center

How will DNS Real-time change day- to-day operations?

  • Immediately assess the impact of DNS additions and changes with on-demand reporting.
  • Examine DNS traffic and network intelligence with query traffic based on query type, zone, query name, and country of origin.
  • Pinpoint DNS issues and trends by isolating the data using a custom time interval, specific to an hourly increment.
  • Ensure that all visitors have the desired web experience by evaluating resolution performance by zone, query name and country.
  • Optimize Traffic Management configurations with resolution, traffic and country of origin data.
  • Plan for future growth and strategic decisions with traffic and trending information and projections.

Data Visibility:
The Report Center was designed to be a flexible management tool, allowing you to view and analyze data in the preferred format. Data may be displayed in chart or table format, it may be downloaded in one of many file types and in most cases it may be expanded to provide additional detail.

What can I do with the data in Advanced Reporting?

  • Decode The 5 Most Important DNS Errors and identify queries that lead visitors to a “site failed” or “site does not exist” response.
  • Find broken links to your website by evaluating the NXDomains report to identify website and Active Directory DNS misconfigurations.
  • Plan load balancing strategies, supplement visitor intelligence and track potential attack sources using Client IP report to view visitor origination data.
  • Speed troubleshooting and trend analysis by further isolating report data to one minute increments.
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