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Transform the Calling Experience


Despite the adoption of online channels, phone calls remain a key part of the customer journey and are still the most preferred contact method for the majority of consumers. Yet, 88% of business calls go unanswered, and there is often no way for businesses to know if their calls are even getting through to customers.

With the dramatic rise in unwanted robocalling and caller fraud, people simply do not answer if they are not certain who is calling. In addition, when a customer receives a call from a business, the Caller ID is often blank, inaccurate or inconsistent. Recent measures put in place to protect consumers are unfortunately resulting in many legitimate business calls either being flagged as ‘spam’ or inadvertently blocked before they even reach the customer. For businesses, this means that every day:

  • Multiple phone calls must be made to relay urgent and critical information such as fraud alerts, appointment scheduling and delivery confirmation.
  • Unnecessary expenses are incurred for delayed deliveries or installations and missed sales opportunities.
  • Failure to communicate important information to customers negatively impacts your customer’s experience, lowering customer satisfaction scores and impacting revenue potential.

In recent surveys, consumers confirmed that they are significantly more likely to pick up a phone call if they know who is calling. That’s why it’s more important than ever to manage and protect your brand’s display for outbound calls.

Deliver Trusted Call Experiences

As the US market leader in caller identity services, Neustar helps businesses to deliver a better and more trusted omnichannel experience, allowing them to reach their customers, while protecting their brand identity.

Businesses have a difficult time getting their customers to pick-up the phone due to concerns of fraud and personal security. Now, recently introduced Federal Communications Commission (FCC) call blocking regulations allow voice service providers to block calls from certain types of suspect phone numbers. These same service providers have also introduced apps warning customers, sometimes mistakenly, that certain calls are spam.

Robocalling and call spoofing is a complex issue to solve. The FCC has been tirelessly working with the communications industry and leaders like Neustar to develop regulations, standards and tools to protect consumers from the nuisance of unwanted robocalls, as well as the risk of being defrauded by scams.

Get Through to Your Customers and Improve Call Answer Rates

Here’s what businesses can do now to improve the voice call experience:

Caller Name Optimization - Manage and customize Caller ID for outbound calls through a centralized online portal. Protect phone numbers from call blocking, spoofing and spam tagging.

  • Update on demand calling name and number for accurate and consistent call display over landline and mobile phones across 850+ voice service providers and leading caller ID apps.
  • Designate verified, legitimate business numbers used for outbound calling to prevent inaccurate call blocking or mislabeling. Designate verified in-bound only business numbers to prevent them from being abused by call spoofing and damaging your brand reputation.

Branded Call Display - Enhance caller identity with a customized brand display for a differentiated and enriched mobile call experience. Give customers a reason to answer and to engage in the conversation.

  • Provide expanded name information, business location, title, department
  • Leverage the mobile screen with logos, images and e-business cards for a rich multimedia display
  • Add a targeted message to deliver a personalized branded experience

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