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Even with the variety of communication channels that are available to businesses, phone calls remain essential to reaching customers with sensitive or urgent information. But in today’s climate of robocalls and caller ID spoofing, phones are no longer picked up. In response, Congress recently passed the Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence (TRACED) Act, which pushes voice service providers to provide call-blocking services and call authentication at no cost to consumers. However, with these new regulations in place, legitimate calls from authentic businesses can be mislabeled as spam and blocked, posing liability risks that erode brand reputation. As a result of this wrongful blocking, contact rates have plummeted and industries that rely on the voice channel are suffering.

The call fraud epidemic has severed the trust between people and their phones, and businesses need a way to reconnect with their customers. To gain control over how their brand is perceived across the telecommunications ecosystem, businesses must mitigate wrongful call blocking while, at the same time, adding identity and context to their calls. In effect, businesses will see increased contact rates as customers are more willing to trust and engage with their brand.

Deliver a More Trusted Call Experience

Neustar’s suite of solutions can help your business more effectively connect with customers:

Caller Name Optimization allows your business to customize outbound Caller ID through a centralized online portal. This process protects your business from wrongful blocking, mislabeling, and spam tagging. Key features of Caller Name Optimization include:

  • Caller Name Management – Update the name and number displayed for your business over landline and mobile phones. These updates apply across 850+ voice service providers and leading caller ID apps.
  • Spam Tag Removal – To stop spam mislabeling, designate blocks of verified business numbers used for outbound calling.
  • Do-Not-Originate (DNO) – To prevent spoofers from abusing your brand, designate verified in-bound only business numbers.
  • Caller Name Monitoring – Monitor your caller name and receive alerts when others attempt to register phone numbers with your business name.

Certified Caller authenticates your outbound calls so that customers are more willing to pick up. Key features of Certified Caller include:

  • Enterprise Network Integration – Integrate STIR/SHAKEN technology - protocols to digitally authenticate calls - with your enterprise calling network to ensure the highest level attestation for your outbound calls.
  • Mobile App Integration – Certified Caller authentication can be integrated with your brand’s mobile app.

Branded Call Display enriches the mobile call experience by displaying more information to the customer before they pick up the phone. Branded Call Display allows businesses to:

  • Personalize the call experience with targeted messaging for each audience.
  • Contextualize the call by providing key identifiers such as caller name, business location, title, and department.
  • Earn customers’ trust by authenticating each call with a
  • verification mark.
  • Visually enhance the call for smartphone users by using company logos, images, and e-business cards.

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