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Protect Your Customers from Calling Scams


Tom is devastated to discover that he has been scammed out of thousands of dollars. He received a call from someone who said they were an IRS officer and told him he had an outstanding balance due on his tax bill. The timing seemed right and they knew his name, address and other personal information. The calling name that appeared on his phone even said the call was coming from the IRS.

How do you help your customers like Tom avoid the same trap?

A Customer Experience Moment

Scammers will always try to exploit people and situations. With the high occurrence of major data breaches, personal information to help fraudsters “prove” they are legitimate is easily accessible on the dark web every day. And it’s not just the vulnerable that are targeted or deceived. In fact, more than 4,500 people, young and old, have been ripped off by scammers posing as the IRS to the tune of $23 million since 2013. While it seems implausible, the risk is all too real. As a trusted service provider, it is your responsibility to help protect consumers from these nefarious situations.

Why Does This Moment Matter?

As scammers become more sophisticated, trusting customers are increasingly getting lured into a trap. People need to be on guard at all times but unfortunately the scammers are still successful. Service providers have been asked by the FCC to play a key part in the fight against robocalls and caller ID spoofing by blocking suspicious calls before they reach subscribers. But how do you ensure that it is in fact a suspicious call? You do not want your subscribers missing the important calls they want and need to receive. You want to do what you can to improve their calling experience while saving your customers millions of dollars lost to scams.

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